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To The New And Improved

Check out the South Dakota Lottery commercial we helped with @

We are the first Star Trek Fan Club based out of Rapid City South Dakota.

We are affliated with Starfleet International , and Region 6 (see links below).

Anyone may join us, We have members from all over the western South Dakota, western Nebraska, and yes Australia...

We are always looking for new and exciting members. Be sure to visit our Facebook Page at

Greetings Crew and Friends: The next meeting of the USS THUNDERCHILD will be 10am Saturday May 16th, We will meet at the south side of the Blessed Sacrement Catholic Church. After the Highway Pickup we will have a potluck cookout at the south beach of Pactola... Join us if you can, all are welcome.

To Email the U.S.S. THUNDERCHILD or click comm badge

Just click the button where you want to go. Remember adventure begins with one click!


Star Trek and related items are copyrighted to Paramount Pictures Corporation